Stroke Recovered By Using Miracle Clothing

Miss Lin sharing her story about het and her brother to use a full set of negative ion clothing:

Miss Lin in the past working in the lacal hospital, later on she went over to the Saudi Arabian for work, Returned tp Taiwan after married, ever lost almost all her saving to start a business but unsuccessful.

After given birth to her child at the age of 42 years, at age 45, she was suffered from autoimmune disease “lupus erythematosus”, every day she has to swallow six steroids tablet just to ease the pain. In 2006, she came to know about negative ion health clothes, by consistantly wearing full set of clothing, she gradually reduce the drug until complete withdrawal.

In 2016 May, her brother suddenly suffered from the stroke, after 5 months of intensive care from the family is still paralyzed in bed, his condition was very serious.

In October 2016, Miss Lin contacted her introducer, only to understand the situation of his brother, to breakthrough in the current progress, a small amount of negative ions is not enough. He need to wear the clothing in a high density, long time, close contact with skin condition.

After she realized and understand the use of the negative ion products, the brother was wear with the full set high density, long hour and close contact, after 5-days of negative ion clothing, together with multi-layer negative ion supporting products, sleep with two layers of negative ions quilt, after 12 days the miracle happen, with rehabilitation, her brother is able to get up to walk!

Withnessed the magical effect, her younger brother also began to share the products to his friend and business partner in Thailand, In the past, he is just a product user, now he know that by sharing the products he can build his business too, after a short period of time he was promoted to the highest level of regional general manager! Congratulations!

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