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NEFFUL's Teviron, the amazing fiber has the unique capacity of always gaining electrons and thus negatively charged.

Teviron is a synthetic fabric extracted from petroleum. Its chemical name is polyvinyl chloride. It was invented in Japan over 38 years ago in Japan by TeiJin Corporation.

TeiJin Corp. in Japan developed the process of Teviron with over 100 years of history in clothing industry, but after the second world war, the public health was declining so the fiber Teviron with Negative Ions came about. Teviron is one kind of Polyvinyl Chloride extracted from petroleum it is passed through a solution of acetone and benzene to transform in to a fiber. Fibers that is woven into fabrics for clothing. It has won many awards and recognition in Japan including the Okochi Prize , the Macromolecule Society Prize, and the Onshi Invention Prize . The Onshi Invention prize was awarded by the late Japanese Emperor, Showa, to recognize Teviron's contribution to the Japan's human health, economics and society and the list goes on.

According to Asian Medical Journal ;
The amount of negative ion (Per1ccofair) :
1,000 to 2,000 – it is good for your health
5,000 to 50,000 – Able to strengthen our body's resistance and improve immunity
100,000 to 500,000 – Helps our body to self -heal (improve illness)

The largest organ in our body is our skin. We only able to absorb 15% of negative ions through breathing. The other 85% are absorb by our skin.

Therefore, our body can absorb 100% of negative ions if we wear Teviron garments!

Benefits of Teviron Negative Ion Health Clothing

Nefful Teviron Negative Ions Clothing when wear continuously and contact with skin will have negative ions effects that can purify blood, regulates our PH Balance thereby increase cell metabolism, improve immune system and balance autonomic nerve system.

Negative Ions improve chronic disease and other unusual diseases.
Hypertension,Cardiovasculardisease, Cancer, Eszema, gout, diabetes, asthma, allergic diseases, physical pain (Back, arm or shoulder), flu, cough, cold hand, numbness and others

Negative Ions can:
• Purifies the blood by regulating pH balance
• Rejuvenates cells
• Enhances immune system
• Regulates autonomic nerves


Back To School

The chair you’re sitting in is made of atoms. So is the computer screen and everything you see around you. Atoms are the basic building blocks of every “thing” – from human beings to rocks.

Now, you may remember from chemistry class that atoms can lose or gain electrons. They can also bond with other atoms to create molecules. (Don’t worry, this isn’t chemistry 101 – just a little background) Water, H20, is a molecule made up of two hydrogen atoms – that’s the H2 part – and one oxygen atom, the O part of H2O.

What’s an ion? Ions are nothing more than atoms that have an electrical charge, either positive or negative. Atoms are always losing and picking up electrons – sub-atomic (smaller than an atom) bits that whirl around the core of  an atom, which is  called the nucleus.

This is an atom. The red sphere in the center is the nucleus. The bits whirling around the nucleus are called electrons. This is a molecule made up of several, different types of atoms represented by the different colored spheres


Ions become electrically charged – either positive or negative – when they lose or pick up an electron. Gain an electron and they become anion. Lose an electron and they become an cation. Confused? Well don’t be. Just remember that ions can carry a positive or negative electrical charge.

Negative ions are created all of the time in nature. When a bolt of lighting slices through the air, it creates negative ions. So does a waterfall. As the water mists in falling, it loses an electron, creating that fresh, ozone smell.

Even waves at the beach can create negative ions. As each wave crashes against the shore, electrons are lost in the process. So, there’s nothing unusual about negative ions. They’re simply electrically charged particles floating through the air.

Now, negative ions may not be unusual, but negative ion clothing is. Numerous studies have shown that negative ions have a positive effect on good health and even aging.

  • Under stringent test conditions, negative ions have shown that they deliver health benefits regardless of age.
  • All living things require negative ions to survive.
  • Oxygen, necessary for human life, carries a negative charge.
  • Test subjects exposed to negative ions showed higher levels of focus and serenity.
  • People with severe, chronic pain report that negative ion therapy relaxes the body and mind, enabling test subjects to better cope with their pain.
  • It’s believed that negative ions extract from the environment certain bacteria that cause colds, flu and lung infection.
  • Negatively charged air is refreshing. (Remember how you feel at the shore or at the foot of a waterfall? That’s because you’re breathing in high concentrations of negative ions.)
  • Other benefits to health include: improved blood circulation, lowered blood pressure levels, improved sleep, joint pain relief and lessened recovery times from injury.

Irrefutable Scientific Documentation

An article in The New York Times on seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition in which people become depressed and lethargic during the gloomy winter months, positively stated the effects of negative ions on improving mood.

“…sitting in front of a machine that emits negative ions at a high rate for 30 minutes every morning was as effective as sitting in front of a light box for the same time.”

In other words, according to the Times report, negative ion therapy improved mood and lessened the depressive effects of SAD.

The science behind negative ion therapy hypothesizes that once the negative ions reach the bloodstream through the lungs, they cause an increase in a body chemical called serotonin – proven to increase energy and stamina levels, to alleviate stress, to improve focus and to lessen the impact of depression.

Impartial studies conducted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) showed that a high concentration of negative ions cuts dust levels by as much as 50%. The same USDA study showed a 95% decrease in air-borne bacteria when negative ions were released into the air.

In another study, this one conducted in a hospital in the UK, ionizers (machines that produce negative ions) “dramatically reduced the incidence of infections from [a] resistant hospital bug…in the ITU unit…” (Jolley, The Power of Negative Ion Science)


Negative Ionization Changes Body Chemistry

From the same study, “High levels of negative ions are found at the beach, in the mountains, the country, pine forests, near waterfalls and many other places people enjoy – places people…go to be refreshed and renewed. The air in these places creates an effect on human biochemistry.” (Jolley)

We’re all familiar with the rejuvenating effects of clean, fresh air. Even when you simply open a window, that fresh air makes you feel better all over. Why? A burst of negative ions and the subsequent release of the neuro-hormone, serotonin, produces a “good-all-over” feeling. The scientific proof is out there. And, your own experience demonstrates that the technology does, indeed, deliver improved health.


Nefful’s Negative Ion Bedding, Clothing and Supports


It’s called Nefflon, Nefful’s proprietary fabric designed to generate negative ions in our luxurious line of bedding, undergarments, joint supports and accessories – from cozy Nefflon socks to scarves and caps that  keep out the winter chill and improve your well being – 24 hours a day.

Nefflon, introduced in 1979, has been used by hundreds of thousands of people globally, increasing vitality, alleviating common aches and pains and eliminating anxiety and depression. And though studies on negative ion therapies have been undertaken since the early 20th century, only in recent decades has the technology  advanced to the point where the health benefits of negative ions can be delivered effectively by wearing negative ion garments.

Nefful’s complete line of Nefflon durable bedding, undergarments, joint supports and other accessories are crafted from the highest quality materials and designed to provide the well-documented health benefits of negative ion therapy:

  • regulate body temperature no matter how hot or cold it is outside
  • produce a high concentration of life-giving negatively ionized oxygen
  • direct the healing powers of negative ions to specific sources of joint pain
  • improve mood and lessen anxiety and depression any time of the year
  • clean the air of bacteria and other harmful materials such as dust and mites
  • increase focus and energy/




Science, Quality and Good Health

Along with its line of bedding, undergarments, supports and accessories, Nefful’s products include solid science, unparalleled quality of materials and construction and, finally, improved health regardless of your age or location.

Authorities concur: negative ions improve human capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen, required for life. Negative ions accelerate delivery and processing of oxygen in the brain.

The results, which are borne out by over 100 years of scientific study, include increased abilities to focus and concentrate, increased levels of mental energy, improved ability to heal both physically and emotionally, relief of physical pain, the elimination of allergy-causing pollutants in the air, improved ability to manage stress, anxiety and depression and finally, higher, more efficient rates of lung capacity – even in long-time smokers.

There simply are no products to compete with Nefful’s quality and function. Once people have tried any of our Nefflon product lines, they’re convinced. The feel the benefits almost immediately. And nothing sells like success!

The Nefful company is based on two simple ideas: overall good health and quality throughout the manufacturing process of every product we carry.

This is one product line you’ll be proud to share with family, friends and the other important people in your life.

Nefful – it works. It’s science. It’s proven. And it’s your opportunity to share these clothes and bedding that are not only attractive and sturdy, but also deliver the health benefits of negative ion technology.


Negative Ions for the Brain

The Owner's Manual for the Brain, Everyday Applications from Mind-Brain Research

The atmosphere we breathe normally is full of positive and negative ions. Air conditioning, lack of ventilation, and long dry spells remove negative ions, which usually serve to latch onto airborne dirt particles and wrestle them to the floor, rendering the air purer. Roughly one-third of the population seems to be particularly sensitive to negative-ion depletion. The proportion of negative ions is highest around moving water (storms, oceans, rivers, waterfalls)—It's no wonder that we feel so energized at the beach. The best ratios of negative to positive ions are associated with waterfalls and the time before, during, and after storms. The worst are found in windowless rooms and closed, moving vehicles. Air purifiers typically work by emitting negative ions, which purify room air by attaching to impurities and sinking them.

High concentrations of negative ions are essential for high energy and positive mood (Thayer, 1996)[1]. In fact, Marian Diamond, a professor of neuroanatomy at the University of California, Berkeley, has found that levels of negative ions are inversely related to levels of serotonin in the brain. Negative ions suppress serotonin levels in much the same way that natural sunlight suppresses melatonin. Hence the invigorating effect of fresh air and sunshine and the correspondingly depressed feelings associated with being closed in and dark. If you deplete the air of negative ions, you experience an increase in serotonin and its attendant drowsiness and relaxation—not what you want when mental agility is demanded. Diamond’s research (1988)[2], along with other information on ions, is summarized in Yepsen (1987).[3]

In an interesting twist, Josh Backon, a member of the Department of Cardiology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, writes in an Internet posting (his E-mail address is that in order to increase left-hemisphere activity (linear, language, logical), one can block the left nostril and engage in "forced unilateral nostril breathing." Likewise, to increase right-hemisphere activity (creative, holistic, emotional), the right nostril should be blocked. This practice increases the supply of negative ions to a specific hemisphere.


Simply wearing Nefful clothing by following 3 principles

High Density

Long Duration

High Coverage



Effects of negative ions on cognitive performance

Journal of Applied Psychology, Feb 1987 v72 n1 p131(7).

Abstract: Male and female subjects (undergraduate students) participated in two studies designed to investigate the impact of negative air ions on cognitive performance. In the first experiment, they worked on three different tasks (proofreading, memory span, word finding) in the presence of low, moderate, or high concentrations of such ions. Results indicated that among men, performance on two of these tasks (proofreading and memory span) was enhanced by moderate but not by high concentrations of ions. In the second experiment, undertaken to extend the generality of these initial results, male and female subjects performed two additional tasks (letter copying, decision making) in the presence of low, moderate, or high concentrations of ions. Output on the letter copying task increased significantly as ion level rose among both sexes. With respect to decision making, the tendency of male (but not female) participants to select initially preferred alternatives was significantly enhanced by moderate concentrations of negative ions. Together, the findings of these studies suggest that negative air ions can indeed exert appreciable effects on cognitive performance. However, contrary to claims often associated with advertising for commercially produced ion generators, these effects are neither simple nor uniformly beneficial in nature.

Journal of Applied Psychology, Feb 1987 v72 n1 p131(7).Title: Effects of negative ions on cognitive performance.
Author: Robert A. Baron

  • Atmospheric electricity – environmental aspects
  • Ions – physiological aspects
  • Electrostatic apparatus and appliances – business use
  • Performance – physiological aspects
  • Cognitive styles – research