Negative Ion FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What are negative ions and where can we find them?

Negative ions are naturally occurring, odorless, tasteless, invisible molecules. Scientifically they are atoms with one or more electrons. Negative ions can be found in the most natural areas, such as, waterfalls, beaches, fresh country, and pine forests. Ionic research from leading institutions, along with 5,000 worldwide studies, unanimously concur that negative ions are beneficial for us and positive ions are not.

What is Nefflon and what are its origins?

Nefflon is a specially designed fabric, made from Teviron fibers. Nefflon was invented in Japan. It won many awards and acknowledgments including the Okochi Award, the highest honor in the Japanese fiber industry, the Chemistry Technological Award given by the prestigious Chemistry Association of Japan, and the Onshi Invention Award to recognize its contribution to Japan’s human health, economics, society and the list goes on.

Why will your health improve when wearing Nefflon? What are the advantages of Negative Ions for the human body?

The unique Nefflon fiber blend surrounds you with negative ions. Negative ions are beneficial for your body. Exposure to an abundant amount of negative ions has been shown to enhance three essential areas; enhance oxygen utilization, improve mental concentration, and raise levels of alertness. Consequential health benefits of negative ions also include, it could ease pain, increase metabolism, provide a positive outlook towards life, encourage blood circulation, enhance our immune system, and help regulate our autonomic nervous system. In addition, Nefflon protects against harmful transmission of positive ions protecting you anytime, anywhere.

Can you still have negative ions when you wear other fabrics besides Nefflon?

Of course you will. Our Nefflon products are designed with other fabrics in mind. When wearing our Nefflon products you are wrapped in a bio field of negative ions. Even when you wear other types of clothing, like cotton or nylon, along with your Nefflon garments you are still surrounding yourself with negative ions. When you sleep in your Nefflon sheets and hug your Nefflon blanket you are cuddling with a soft negative ion atmosphere.

How can we wash our Nefflon fabrics and garments?

There is a certain procedure to follow when keeping your Nefflon product clean. All Nefflon products can go in your washer at home. When washing keep Nefflon products separate from other types of clothing, or when managing a load wash all Nefflon garments together. Always use cold water and our own All Natural Laundry Detergent. It is also recommended to wash items in a Nefful laundry net, to prevent your clothes from over-tumbling or being snagged. Never dry your Nefflon products in the dryer, apply any added heat, or place in direct sunlight. Your garments will dry perfectly if they are neatly hung on a drying rack or laid flat on a smooth surface. For more information turn to the cleaning instructions page towards the back of your Nefful catalog.

Ionic generators vs. Nefflon, Which is better for us?

Ionic generators can produce several negative ions to improve the air quality of the living space it is installed for, however, there are many problems associated with these electrically driven devices, which include: foul odor, maintenance, cost of replacement parts, loud noise, harmful ozone, and immobility. The drawbacks are vast in number, and little in benefit. Motor tools used in ionic generator are expensive and require frequent maintenance (every two to three years). In a quiet relaxing indoor environment, the fan of ionic generators produces loud disturbing noises. Mechanical deficient generators can cause harmful gases such as ozone which can be detrimental to body cells and functions. Lastly, ionic generators are not mobile. Nefflon, the indispensible, remarkable fabric which lasts for decades ,if properly maintained, gives equivalent if not better negative ion effectiveness compared to ionic generators. And most importantly Nefflon is safe for the whole family and we can wear it anytime, anywhere.

What different types of Nefflon products are currently offered?

We provide several different combinations of Nefflon supports, undergarments, accessories, shapewear, bedding and outerwear. Each Nefflon category contains their own subcategories, with various shapes, sizes, and colors. Visit our website to see more Nefflon products at or speak to your local distributor.

Who can use NEFFLON?

NEFFLON is suitable for people of all ages and walks of life. It’s beneficial for everyone by providing a natural negative ion protective layer and protects them from harmful environmental pollutants. Many of our distributors and clients notice recuperative health effects almost immediately. NEFFLON has helped alleviate aches and pains.

Can Nefflon bedding improve sleep?

Nefflon bedding has been highly acclaimed for its remarkable results. Distributors will notice an immediate reduction of stress and tension in order for sleep to be more recuperative. Sleeping with Nefflon brings negative ions closer while you sleep. Therefore Nefflon bedding helps enhance your quality of sleep. Help your health with the anionic sleeping environment.