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Hui Ling has been in Nefful for less than 5 years, her dedication and willingness to share the benefits of the products quickly let her promoted to Area General Manager in less than 2 years time, she is now leading the global business for more than 2 Millions USD revenue every month.

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Liz Teo is another rising star from our team, she joined the team less than 3 years, her outspoken and willingness to share the benefits of the products to others has helped her  promoted to Senior Area Manager in 1 year and 3 months of hard work, she has acquired many business partners in Singapore, China, Malayisia and the rest of South East Asia.

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Yong is our team Business Development Manager, to sperad the word of our products around the world, to help more people aware of this Miracle Products, to help more people who are in needs of the products and to create a better world for tomorrow.

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Dr. Abdulghani Asheikh is our latest Business Partner from Jazan, the city located in South West of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the area is well known as a Heavy Industrial and Oil & Gas city, Dr. Addulgahni came to know Nefful products recently, he quickly seize the opportunity and became our business partner without much consideration.

Currently, Dr. Abdulghani is working as chief of Quality Assurance Office KFCH, adviser to the General director of health in Jazan. He was also a consultant to TMO office in the MOH in 2013 Assistant to Director General for Planning & Training of Health affairs, and a Executive advisor to director general of Health affairs, and was worked as general director of King fahad hospital for support services

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